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iOS - on the App StoRE

I have been providing innovation multi-media, entertainment and educational apps to the iOS app store since 2011.  Some have come and gone, others are still with us, and some are simply offline and waiting to be updated to iOS 12.x or later iOS upgrades.

Here is a quick list, and a link to what's currently available of the store.

Reality TV Sidekick™, iFlow Shuffle™, Battle Babes®, Instant Music Video 3D™, Virus Versus™, i-HeartThrob™

See what's currently on the App Store.


E.G.G.E. (Game Engine)

The E.G.G.E is a proprietary game development framework and execution engine developed for full-screen character animation featuring data-driven characters, environments, multi-layer animated backgrounds, custom AI, and multi-media game play experiences. The E.G.G.E. was developed in the gap time between iOS Sprite Kit (2D) and iOS Scene Kit (3D) to provide a 2.5D full screen sprite sized "Street-Fighter" style video game experience.

I loved building this engine, and deploying 4 games.  However, no man is an island, and thus I have migrated up to Unity 3D for ongoing A/R and cross-platform development.



There's really only one way to do the image to the left:  Augmented Reality.

Currently, my favorite A/R device is the Magic Leap One.

Check out my A/R projects in the works here.